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The full set;

-Handforged 12mm square bar tripod with twists

-  450mm grill / griddle tray.

- charcoal tray.

- Chain c/w forged hooks

The very sturdy tripod will happily support the heaviest of outdoor cooking gear, Dutch ovens etc.

The combination of grill & griddle gives the best of both worlds .

Tripod suspended fire tray gives users the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor fire where fires on the ground are not an option.  Can be used  like a firepit for small fires to finish the day off!

You can even warm your feet underneath on those colder evenings.  

Campfire Bushcraft Tripod- The Complete Setup


  • The 150cm length makes for a very practical tripod giving plenty of height over a fire while still allowing for the legs to be well set out for stability.  This makes for expensive included carriage charges but we feel the extra usability makes it worth it over often available shorter 120cm versions.

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